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TITLE: Ginny - Kickball
AUTHOR: Val Amant
DATE: April 02, 2017
WORDS: 621

Mrs Norbant took us, her second grade class, out to the blacktop playground for our thirty minute gym time.  We played kickball as she talked with the assistant teacher.


I was standing in line waiting for my turn to kick the ball.  I noticed that the disabled and disadvantaged students, three in wheelchairs, were parked on top of the bank just behind the school building to watch us play kickball.  Something didn’t sit well in my head, in my heart, and because of it my stomach began speaking to me.  I looked over at Mrs Norbant then l ran as fast as I could towards the one girl sitting in her wheelchair.  

I ran up the bank, the girl looking up at me with a confused look on her face, probably wondering what I was doing.  I ran past her, grabbed the handles of her chair, released the brakes, and dragged my feet as we rolled down the bank.  

I could tell that she was gripping the handles of her chair with all she had by her white knuckles but her face was smiling, filled with excitement as the breeze of our forward motion pushed her hair back.  We ran down to where my classmates were and I got back in line, holding the handles of her chair.

It was my turn to kick.  I aligned her chair headed for first base then stepped back to kick the ball.  The ball was pitched.  I kicked with everything I had, grabbed the girl’s chair, and ran to first base.  She clapped her hands looking back at me.  I smiled trying to catch my breath.

Marion, an immigrant from Germany, was a strong well built boy.  He was up next to kick the ball.  As soon as his foot touched the ball I took off towards second base pushing the girl.  Seeing that the ball was still flying I did a ninety degree turn for third base.  She screamed and laughed at the same time as we reached third base.

I could hear Marion on our heels so I turned her wheelchair, heading for home plate.  We scored with Marion scoring right behind us.  My team cheered.  

Marion looked at me then ran across the playground and up the bank.  He ran back with Jason in a wheelchair and stood next to me.  Shortly my classmates all ran to the disadvantaged students and brought them all into the game.

The five minute warning bell rang.  We all took our new friends back.

I ran her up the incline towards the bank.  I rolled her chair up with the others, they all smiling.  I secured the brakes, went to the front of the chair, and looked into her eyes.

Our eyes spoke to each other without either one of us saying a word.  She smiled a loving smile.  I smiled back, turned, and ran back towards my classmates.  Shortly, Mrs. Norbant lined us up.  I watched Ginny and her classmates return back to their classroom.  We all went back inside the school building after a spiritual game of kickball.